Solid Biosciences is ​a ​biotech ​company

focused on​ ​Duchenne ​muscular ​dystrophy



Solid exists to advance treatments
and find a cure for patients with 
Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


Duchenne muscular dystrophy is considered a rare disease yet there are an estimated 300,000 sufferers worldwide. DMD has devastating impact.

DMD is the most common genetic killer in children, overwhelmingly affecting boys. The rate of occurrence is estimated at one in every 3,600 boys born and has no ethnic, geographic, racial or religious boundary. Diagnosis usually comes between ages 3 and 5 due to pronounced muscle weakness. Unable to live normal lives, patients are wheelchair-bound by early teens, typically succumbing to respiratory or heart failure in their 20s. DMD is 100% fatal.

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There is no cure for DMD and no approved treatments on the market. It's bleak for patients and their families and costly for the wider community.

As DMD is a rare disease, treatments tend to languish on lab shelves for lack of funding and perceived financial opportunity. It's frustrating for scientists and a struggle for families with children with DMD.

SOLID’S 1 in 3600

In 2012 a little boy named Eytani – which means Solid in Hebrew – was diagnosed with DMD.
His father Ilan Ganot was devastated by the news and vowed to find treatments.

Ilan left his career in finance, relocated with his family from London to Massachusetts, put a team in place, raised seed capital and founded Solid. Like other parent-driven efforts, Ilan's passion, focus and unrelenting motivation are the driving force behind Solid.




Some of the world’s most brilliant scientists
are developing therapies ripe for DMD


There is a shift in the development landscape, with several treatments in clinical trials and many more therapies in the pipeline. With a focused direction and the right momentum, these programs can benefit many young lives.


Solid exists to bridge the gap and advance treatments to patients. Well-capitalized and focused on results, we are purpose-built to identify and develop the most promising approaches to treat and cure DMD. To further that goal, Solid has a strong management team with access to an unparalleled network of scientific, clinical, strategic and regulatory experts.







solid promise



Condition-Focused. Patient-Focused.


A Biotech company built solely for DMD, we bring sharp
commercial focus and world-class science to advance
promising therapies.

Solid is a catalyst across all aspects of the disease.
Condition-focused, our mandate is comprehensive;
improving daily life for patients and attacking the roots of DMD.




Carving a new path for patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


World-class scientific expertise and strong financial backing allows us to curate excellent programs. Investment dollars are wisely deployed.


Independent and lean, we avoid bureaucracy and dead ends.  


We propel projects from laboratory to pharmacy shelf, with a guiding hand to ensure best  execution.  


High degree of control. Results driven culture. We cut out middlemen and reduce risk in addressing DMD.  


Our heart is in it. Patients can’t wait, nor will we. If a program shows promise, we propel forward;  if it doesn’t, we quickly move on to the next.  



Through rigorous scientific analysis, commercial diligence and global collaborations, Solid has identified a portfolio of approaches with potential to treat and modify the disease for all patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy:


Solid entered into a pre-clinical research collaboration with Pfizer Inc. to test two experimental drugs in Pfizer's portfolio for possible utility in the treatment of DMD. Learn More…


Solid GT, a subsidiary created by Solid, was founded to advance gene therapy as a disease modifying treatment for all DMD patients. Learn More… 


Solid is partnering with SRI to develop a soft, wearable assistive device for all patients with DMD. Learn More…


Solid is constantly evaluating new programs for treatment of DMD,
contact us with ideas, therapies and collaborations.



solid leadership



Heart of a family

Ilan Ganot

Ilan Ganot

CEO & Founder View Bio
Andrey Zarur,  Ph.D.

Andrey Zarur, Ph.D.

Founder and Chairman of the board View Bio
Gilad Hayeem

Gilad Hayeem

Founder and Board Member View Bio
Joel Schneider, Ph.D.

Joel Schneider, Ph.D.

Director of Research & Development View Bio
Robbie L. Huffines

Robbie L. Huffines

Board Member View Bio
Matt Arnold

Matt Arnold

Ilan Ganot

Ilan Ganot

CEO & Founder

Mr. Ganot is Founder, CEO and member of the board of directors for Solid. Prior to starting Solid, Mr. Ganot was an investment banker at JPMorgan Chase in London, specializing in hedge funds driven equities business for the firm. Ilan also worked at Nomura Securities in London, Hong Kong and New York and Lehman Brothers in Europe.

Mr. Ganot embarked on a banking career after practicing law at leading Israeli firm, Haim Zadok & Co, where his focus was private equity law and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Ganot was a captain in the Israel Defense Forces. Mr. Ganot received his MBA from London Business school and holds law and business degrees from the IDC in Herzliya, Israel.

Andrey Zarur,  Ph.D.

Andrey Zarur, Ph.D.

Founder and Chairman of the board

Dr. Zarur is Founder and Chairman of the board for Solid. He has been active in early stage life sciences companies for over 20 years, and has actively participated in the creation of over a dozen companies in the healthcare and clean energy sectors. He is also Chairman, CEO and Founder of GreenLight Biosciences and a partner at Kodiak Venture Partners, a venture capital firm specializing in the formation of early stage information and life technology investments. Prior to joining Kodiak Venture Partners, he was founder and CEO of BioProcessors (sold to Seahorse Biosciences in 2007). In addition to BioProcessors, he has led four life science companies from inception to exit. He is also a co-founder and chairman of the board for Lumicell, and chairman of the board for Allegro Diagnostics.

Dr. Zarur was named a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2005, and he is an Overseer of the Museum of Science in Boston and a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management. Dr. Zarur holds Masters of Science degrees and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and undergraduate degrees from the National University of Mexico. Dr. Zarur is the author of several peer-reviewed articles and holds close to 100 provisional and issued patents.

Gilad Hayeem

Gilad Hayeem

Founder and Board Member

Mr. Hayeem is Founder, member of the board and active manager for Solid. Mr. Hayeem is also Founder and Managing Partner of Waverly Capital, a boutique investment firm launched in 2012 focused on creating strategic partnerships to develop specific investment opportunities. The firm currently has active partnerships that span the biotech, art, real estate and asset management sectors, primarily based in the United States and United Kingdom.
Mr. Hayeem was Managing Partner and CEO of Marble Bar Asset Management, a UK based hedge fund co-founded by Mr. Hayeem in 2002 and sold in 2008 to a Swiss private bank, after which Mr. Hayeem moved to New York and exited the business.
Mr. Hayeem received his MBA from City University, London and holds history and politics degrees from the University of Leeds, England.

Joel Schneider, Ph.D.

Joel Schneider, Ph.D.

Director of Research & Development

Dr. Schneider is the Director of Research & Development for Solid, responsible for the identification and development of promising therapies for DMD. Dr. Schneider previously completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, characterizing and developing small molecules that enhance skeletal muscle regeneration. He holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University and an undergraduate degree from Brandeis University. During his doctoral work, Dr. Schneider studied the cardiomyopathy associated with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles related to Duchenne muscular dystrophy and stem cell biology.

Robbie L. Huffines

Robbie L. Huffines

Board Member

Mr. Huffines joined J.P. Morgan in 1991 and is currently a Vice Chairman of Investment Banking. Starting in the Mergers and Acquisitions group – where he was healthcare focused – Mr. Huffines was Co-Head of the Global Healthcare Investment Banking Group from 2002 – 2010, promoted to Vice Chairman in 2011.

Mr. Huffines has advised numerous healthcare companies on strategic transactions including J&J’s sale of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (pending); Thermo Fisher’s acquisition of Life Technologies, Kinetic Concepts go-private; Sanofi-Aventis on its acquisition of Genzyme; Merck’s acquisition of Schering Plough; Guidant’s sale to Boston Scientific and Abbott; Bristol-Myers Squibb’s acquisition of Medarex; Celgene’s acquisition of Pharmion; Kinetic Concept’s acquisition of LifeCell, Amgen’s acquisition of Mustafa Nevzat and sale of Amgen K.K. to Takeda; Eisai’s acquisition of MGI Pharmaceuticals; Merck’s acquisition of Banyu Pharmaceuticals and divestiture of Medco Health Solutions; Bristol-Myers Squibb’s divestitures of Medical Imaging, Zimmer, and Mead Johnson and acquisition of Dupont Pharmaceuticals; Guidant’s acquisition of CardioThoracic Systems and Cook (withdrawn); Sofamor Danek’s sale to Medtronic; and Johnson & Johnson’s acquisitions of Mitek, Cordis, and Neutrogena and sale of Janssen Annual Health.

At J.P. Morgan, Mr. Huffines has extensive experience financing healthcare companies. Prior to joining J.P. Morgan, Mr. Huffines worked at Alex Brown & Sons, specializing in equity financings and advisory assignments for emerging growth companies. Mr. Huffines has an MBA degree from the University of Virginia, where he received the Faculty Award for academic excellence. He has a B.A. degree from the University of North Carolina, where he majored in English and Economics. Mr. Huffines is married and has four children.

His volunteer work includes The Brookings/Gates Global Health Innovative Financing Advisory Group, the Student Sponsor Partnership, a member of the Corporate Advisory Board at the Darden School, and serving as a Board Member of the Spence School and Solid Ventures.

Matt Arnold

Matt Arnold


Mr. Arnold is member of the board of directors for Solid Ventures. His background is in energy commodities and he was Managing Director of Constellation Energy Global Commodities in London from 2005 – 2009 when it was sold to Goldman Sachs. Prior to joining Constellation in 2002, Mr. Arnold worked in energy trading and finance at Enron. Since 2009, Mr. Arnold has been actively working with startup businesses in the UK and Europe, primarily in the technology and clean tech sectors. He holds an MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Virginia and an undergraduate degree from Duke University.

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Access to Excellence


Solid is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, biotech capital of the world.
With offices at Kendall Square, Solid benefits from superb access to scientists,
academia, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and many like-minded companies
and individuals.


One Broadway, Cambridge MA 02142 (map)

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